Ongoing SEO Maintenance …Don’t just get there, stay there!

It’s one thing to get to where you want to go. It’s another thing to stay there.

A web site with abundance of persuasive and credible newly updated web site copy, sustains your audience; gains repeat visitors and boosts up your sales. Creating a web site highly visible can be a challenge. It takes time, commitment and a degree of expertise to be able to consistently churn out the kind of content your customers crave, and with new and compelling content added often, your web site will also engage new visitors often which increases your rankings over time.

Ongoing SEO Maintenance Services:

  • Blog article writing
  • Custom landing page design and integration
  • Web page creation and/or optimization with keyword discovery
  • Web site performance review and next months strategy planning
  • Monthly competitor analysis review and suggestions

Consistent blog article writing, social media engagement, landing page and content writing are just some of the things that are vital in not only maintaining but boosting your overall web site rankings over time. With ongoing maintenance of your web site SEO strategies and the monthly or weekly review of your web site statistics is key.

At Your Page Today we take the hard work from you and pur your web site to work FOR you!

Give us a call today and lets plan a maintenance strategy that works for you.